Aerial Photography has been around since the dawn of aerial vehicles. Now, with the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles ( UAV's ) we can provide a safer, more affordable, and more flexible option for aerial photography. East Coast Drone uses only the latest and most advanced UAV technology available to get a High Definition Digital Camera in the air and capture breathtaking images for our clients. 

Professional  Aerial  Productions  for  the  budget - minded



Home buyers often judge potential properties at first glance. Having professional aerial images of your home is a huge advantage in the residential market.

Premium Aerial Photography

Whether you are a business owner or an Agent bringing a commercial property to market, be sure to have the absolute best digital images of your buildings. East Coast Drone can provide a perspective that one else can. 

Using Aerial Footage to "Digitally Map" a portion of land has a great advantage to better understand the land itself. Large areas can be covered and interlaced to form a wide area survey that boasts much higher resolution and detail than any satellite views available.


East Coast Drone Promotional

Filmed with UAV and Edited by East Coast Drone